Marianne Faithfull in 60s
Catherine Deneuve in 60s
Grace Kelly in Cannes film festival
Model wearing a pin dot-print pajama with a short sleeve shirt, straight pleated pants and belt by Halston, with a wide-brimmed hat by Hats by Lipp and neck scarf by Doro.

Date Photographed:
ca. 1974
Young Women in New Orleans
New Orleans career girls: (left to right) Elizabeth Pipes wears a navy dress by Francesca for Damon, suede bag by Bagatelle, chain belts by Monet. Beverly Church wears a navy worsted doubleknit dress with pleated skirt by Junior Sophisticates, button earrings by Monet, white belt by Elegant, red leather bag by Ruza creations. Sharon Loker wears a Beige Mao-collared dress by Claret and black ball earrings by Richlieu. Missa Gomila wears a navy wool knit dress by Korrigan, button earrings by Monet, Navy pigskin bag by Ruza Creations. Lady Reiss wears a dark gray rayon flannelshirtdress with white schoolgirl collar by Alex de John, faux-pearl earrings by Richelieu, white bag by Richard Monceau. All gloves by Aris, all stockings by Hanes. Shot in New Orleans. Circa February 1968 
New York Career girls in spring suits with coats and matching dresses.

Date Photographed:
ca. 1965
Five women walking down a New York City street. Coats from left to right: gray wool wrap by John Anthony for Devonbrook, orange wool gabardine by Gunther for Ginala, brown wool wrap by Don Simonelli for Modelia, navy gabardine by Lassie Jr, and pleated gray wool by Dani Jrs.

Date Photographed:
ca. February 1968
Giorgio di Sant’Angelo Spring 1976 Show
Models wearing futuristic outfits of pants tied at the ankle designed by Giorgio di Sant’Angelo.

Date Photographed:
November 11, 1975
A model in Marc Jacobs dress covered in stars leans back against a fire hydrant on the street.

Date Photographed:
May 14, 1985